New Look of TFCA site
First up, I just want to apologize for the temporary mishaps in the site, for the bad layouts, for the temporary shutdown. The web host had some minor setbacks and so did I. Too much work, too much things to do.

What all is well now, I had some free time and decided to redo the site. It will be really good if the Berean people could be the ones the update the site through their news etc. since I don't really have web content to fill this.

Entrance Exams, Again...
For the seniors, this year is very crucial. Aside from the pilling school work, college admission exams multiply their sorrows. For those wanting to enter excellent colleges, preparations for these admission exams is crucial. Only a handful are accepted in these colleges, thus the competition, and the "stronger ones" survive. Some of these colleges even schedule their exams very early, a few months after the opening of classes. This is bothersome since the exams include topics yet to be discussed and polished.

But not to worry, there are lots of excellent review materials in bookstores that can really beat the hell out of anyone, and prepare you for the admission tests. If you really focus on reviewing, studying comprehensively even for just 3 straight days before the said exams, you can get a really good chance at cracking them. And always remember, God is the secret, ultimate ally you can give yourself. HE, not you, makes the difference. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. . .

World News

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