THE STORY . . . so far
Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy was born in the heart of Rev. Ray Llarena, a man whom everybody loved and respected, as a vision back in 1994 and the years before that. Determined to realize the vision and faithful to the call, Pastor Ray together with his family went back to Manila from the States to start a church.

In 1985, an orphanage was opened which led to the brethren of the Tabernacle of Faith in Asia to respond to the challenge of putting up a school.

True enough, an year later in 1986, with great courage and faith, Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy was established. It started its operation in a small rented place at Broadway Centrum, Quezon City. There were a handful of students and a number of teachers at the beginning but as the people whom God called remained faithful, the Lord prospered the school. As a result, TFCA now holds classes in a school building given by God at 151 J. Ruiz Street, San Juan, Metro Manila. The vision indeed has become a living testimony of what TFCA is today. "Marvelous!", one can only exclaim.

The mission of TFCA is to primarily provide a quality education which shall mold the minds of men and women who will impact their world through the power of God in their lives. It also aims to develop the total being of its students mentally, physically and spiritually in a very conducive academic environment.

TFCA is looking forward to a greater ministry and call to contribute in the building of our nation through education as the Lord leads it one step at a time. by mark