So you wanted a student-friendly, comfy school? From fully air-conditioned classrooms to a covered court, TFCA has it all! By the way, the school is currently expanding, so you could expect more and better facilities in the near future.

An Overview of Facilities

Computer room
Computer classes are integrated in TFCA's curriculum. The school believes that the heart of the future lies on literacy with information technology.

What school will be without a clinic? This room often serves as a heaven the the sick, and those who pretend to be.


An unpopulated view of the school's air-conditioned classrooms, probably the most enjoyed and coveted facility.

This fully air-conditioned auditorium serves as a multi-purpose gathering place for students and church members alike.


The place for bookworms, TFCA's library boasts lots of books, references and most kinds of reading materials; it also features an electronic card catalog for quicker searches.

The boys' favorite place.

Basketball Court

This is the most populated, most visited and noisiest place in school. Who could resist the aroma of the steaks served at the caf?

Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy by mark