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THE MASTER So, you want to know the author of this site?

About the Webmaster:

Mark, a 4th Year High School Student at Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy, spends his time, playing CounterStrike and other PC games, programming, going out on weekends and cramming. This website has been created without the help of any WYSIWYG or any Webpage editor programs. Only pure, natural, good-old, manual NOTEPAD have been used.
I'm sorry if you think this site is not that good , yet. I don't really have much TIME to do this, with all the exams, homework and entertainment surrounding me. A teacher even discouraged me about the site and told me to close it down. I guess I can't.

There is still room for improvement, if at least 1 student could volunteer & help me then this would become a LOT better. It is really HARD doing this alone, editing the pics, coding the HTML, finding a free web site host, making a domain name, uploading the whole bulk and updating the whole thing from time to time.

So if u r a TFCA high school student (not a Senior!), have a background in HTML, Photoshop and know advanced Internet processes, then you could approach me in school and volunteer. Don't worry, you will also get exempted in Computer exams and get a higher grade in THE !

I plan to make this more interactive with a Visitor Signature page so I can know who enters this page and Comment Lines, so u guys can place your comments. And finally, I plan to include a chat room so u guys can go and have a good time !

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Name Age Birthday Nationality Resides at School
Mark 15 2-17 Filipino Marikina TFCA

Thanks for visiting this site !